About Us

How It All Started

When Gifted Gabber founder, Coach Jotshna's older son Ninaad was 15 when he had big dreams. He wanted to be an entrepreneur, start a non-profit and excel in school. He was quite overwhelmed and lacked the confidence to do so on his own. Jo, wanting to help her child, did a lot of research on ways to help. This was when she came across a Mindset Mastery and Success Coach. This coach had trained under Tony Robbins philosophy. Jo and Ninaad took a red-eye flight from Philly to San Diego, where the coach was and spent a weekend of Immersion. After a few sessions of coaching, there was a transformation in Ninaad, renewed energy to excel. He was calmer, more focused and his thoughts were more structured.


That’s when Coach Jo had an "Aha" moment. She realized that what teens needed was guidance and support in their journey.

The Calling

After seeing her 15 year old son transform, Coach Jo signed up for Success Coaching.


It was during the course of self-discovery that she realised her passion and calling was to guide kids to reach their greatest potential.

The journey of learning

What Sets Us Apart?

I started off with success coaching and applying Tony Robbins philosophy and realized that in order to help teens excel in school, I need to have mastered teen psychology, specifically in executive functioning skills. I completed Executive Functioning coaching and Positive Psychology ADHD coaching under Peg Dawson for this sole purpose.

Entrepreneurial endeavour

The early days of Gifted Gabber were difficult, to say the least. We struggled with reaching people. We developed comprehensive coaching programs, but nobody was registering for them. It was demoralizing as the days passed with little revenue flowing through the company. We decided to search for the root cause.

This was a perfect opportunity for us to use our training to identify our strengths and leverage them. This was also the time for us to understand our weaknesses and work on improving them. We found we were not reaching enough people whose children needed our coaching. With a stronger understanding of our initial weaknesses, we improved our marketing efforts. We also noticed that parents were noticing the results and sending other concerned parents to us. Our strength is our great programs!

We have incorporated various efforts to reach the parents of children who need our help the most, and we started growing.

Our first event was on mastering communication. We had a full house with 25 students. They absorbed and participated with vigor and enthusiasm, they left with more confidence than ever. This was a major victory that made all hardship at the beginning worth it!

The way ahead

While we have come a long way from the beginning, our founder Jo has a grand vision. A vision where we educate every parent that academics is not the only factor in the success and development of their teens! There is a lot more to the success and fulfillment of teens.


The plan is to train more people in the art of coaching using all the knowledge and skills acquired by Jo. This will enable more children to get the coaching they need in fields like communication and leadership. These skills enabling them to succeed in life by having the right mindset and the right tools for essential skills like time management.