Academic Coaching

We build a strong foundation for your child’s future success. Be it coaching for college, academics, personality, communication, accountability, and more, Gifted Gabber has everything your child needs to be stellar and one-of-a-kind.   Our mission is to ensure your child operates at their maximum potential, and we do guide them with effective techniques to make that happen. With our world-class coaches, certified by international organizations, and practiced with hundreds of children, we have seen massive results in teens.  Across our webinars, talks, and private coaching, parents pride us in providing high-quality guidance and have seen substantial improvement in their childrens’ lives.

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Academic Coaching

Academic coaching helps students understand how their use of time and levels of organization or disorganization (paper, space, and technological data) impact their studies. 4 Benefits of Academic Coaching: 

  1. Academic Coaching does not end with just teaching all that is present in the syllabus; it also provides students with relevant exam-oriented suggestions, and notes, and pinpoints the students' weaknesses.  

  2. Moreover, Academic coaching guides and orients the students in the right direction and makes sure that they do not get misled.  

  3. Academic Coaching provides students with more individual time with an expert, and thus enriches their educational experience.  

  4. Academic Coaching does not force students to learn under pressure and provides a planned way of studying, along with quick tips and smart-study advice.

Career Guidance

Locking into a career path without trying it out is comparable to buying a house on curb appeal alone. With limited awareness of the vast “world of work,” teens bypass great career options because they don’t know about them. Through the use of assessment inventories, students will be introduced to career options that naturally emerge from the combination of their interests, skills, strengths, and values.


College planning for high school students involves much more than filling out forms, taking standardized tests, and asking teachers for recommendation letters. The process also requires self-reflection and spending time looking at public and private colleges, online learning, and other forms of higher education that you may not have considered previously. The college planning process should be enjoyable, but at the same time, it should be strategic. Too many students take the college planning process in a casual and lackadaisical manner, which yields average or poor results. To be successful in the college planning and admissions process, realize it’s about having a strategy and well-thought out game plan. When you start thinking and acting in this manner, you will have much more success in the college admissions process.

Leadership AND 

Leadership and communication skills give children opportunities to showcase their uniqueness to the world! Gifted Gabber's unique program will instill confidence, and coach children to effectively express themselves and influence others. Our course is empowering, engaging, and dedicated to building the skills needed for future success. Your child will end up being an effective leader and a standout: the type of person who draws people in and makes a considerable impact. 


Every child is unique, we believe that summer activities are crucial for children of all ages. Summer courses provide fun video game-free activities, which are much needed. Regardless of what your child's interests are, they will learn and socially interact in a healthy real-world virtual setting. Engaging in meaningful activity during summer is vital to a child's brain, body, spirit, and future, and could benefit us all.