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A comparative study of ADHD and how ADHD medicine affects your brain and the genetics of ADHD

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder otherwise known as ADHD is a very common neurological disorder affecting 6 million children in the US alone. There are many holes in our understanding of ADHD because of its complexity and its varying degrees of severity in children as well as adults. This paper will aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of ADHD and its least studied aspects such as genetics, as well as how the medicine affects your body and brain. This paper also details what areas of ADHD require more research as the answers that are currently available may not be accurate. The information in this paper will be vital in helping the new generation of kids with ADHD overcome their adversities and getting them the help they need in order to succeed in their careers and school. From this study, it becomes evident that the length of time medicine is active as well as the amount of medicine given is deeply connected. It also becomes evident that there is no single gene that is the cause for ADHD because of the many candidates that are thought to have caused ADHD.

Research Paper by Samanyu Kashyap. Grade 11, Coltsneck, NJ

A comparative study of ADHD and its how ADHD medicine affects your brain and the genetics
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