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The effect of stress on insulin production across different generations

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Stress has become a standard part of life for a majority of humanity, and its effects have a significant impact on the day-to-day lives of many. Stress has an even higher impact on the lives of those who have diseases, such as diabetes. Additionally, as people get older, stress affects them in various ways, especially regarding hormonal production. In this research paper, the question of how the output of a particular hormone, insulin, differs across different generations will be discussed. A clear connection was made through the compilation of many research papers concerning stress, insulin production, and age. As a person ages, their ability to handle emotional stress increases; however, their physical stress far exceeds that of a younger generation. Because of this physical stress, insulin production rates lessen, and the probability of diabetes developing increases. The original hypothesis outlines a similar thought process, except instead of focusing on physical stress, it disregarded it and instead concentrate on other factors. The point of this research paper was so that a clear connection between age, insulin production, and stress can be established so that other researchers can do further research on this topic.

Research Paper by Om Patil. Grade 11, Cumberland Valley High School, Pennsylvania

The effect of stress on insulin production across different generations
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