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Correlation of Cancer and Alzheimer’s through Biochemical Pathways

Cancer and Alzheimer’s are two diseases that affect the cell life cycle bringing about either improper cell division(abnormal growth) or unnatural cell death due to the change in the cell’s mechanisms or environment. We can confirm that cancer is caused by mutations in genes of cells while Alzheimer’s is caused by tau tangles or amyloid-beta clumps caused by mutations to certain genes. But, we don’t know the biology or inner workings of these causes. While we have speculated and found several causers, we have no actual confirmation on the main culprit. Instead, it must be a multitude of different gene mutations that result in the diseases. But, recently we have found several biologic mechanisms where the two diseases find common ground, as we have found consistently that they both share common mechanisms. This can lead to a never before an explored background that can cure both.

Research Paper by Sanjith Muthu Kumaran Grade 11, West Ranch High School, CA

#cancer, #alzheimer’s, #biochemical pathways, #correlation, #cell life cycle, # abnormal cell

division, #gene mutations, #apoptosis

Correlation of Cancer and Alzheimer_s through Biochemical pathways
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