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DARZALEX for Multiple Myeloma

DARZALEX is a drug that was FDA approved in 2015 to help treat multiple myeloma which is an uncommon cancer of plasma cells, a type of white blood cells. These cancerous plasma cells in the bone marrow crowd up the healthy blood cells and produce CD38 that cause issues with the human system. DARZALEX targets these proteins and eliminates them. The doses have been tested and will differ per person depending on when they have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma or if they have received prior treatment. This drug can be prescribed even if the patient has previously received other treatments or experienced a double-refractory to a proteasome inhibitor or an immunomodulatory agent. Although there is no official cure for multiple myeloma, combinations of the DARZALEX with other treatment drugs allow for better success and allow the patient to have no trace of cancer.

Akshaya Anikode, Grade 12, Colts Neck High School

DARZALEX Research Paper - Akshaya Anikode (2)
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