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Discussion of melittin in cardiovascular treatments

In this research paper, we will go over details about melittin peptide, a cationic peptide that was derived from bee venom and is now being used in medicine to cure diseases. We will go over how it was derived, some of its uses in medicine, how it is helping in cardiology, and how it could affect the future of medicine. Recently, there has been a need for a more advanced level of treatment in cardiology, as it is one of the leading causes of death in the

The United States. That is where melittin is coming into play. Scientists are testing the molecule’s efficacy of resolving issues in the heart by simulating those issues on mice. They then used melittin to see whether it would cure those complications, and they continually repeated those trials. Each time, they were able to see that melittin was able to

remove those complications by using methods such as communicating with signaling pathways or even destroying certain molecules by itself.

Research Paper by Gaurav Ramasani

Discussion of melittin in cardiovascular treatments
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