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How Does AI Benefit Osteoporosis In Preventing Fracture

With an increasing population worldwide, osteoporosis is a chronic condition that affects more and more people every year. The effects of this condition are vast and have a significant impact on the daily lives of osteoporotic patients. For patients suffering from osteoporosis, they may have to face unfortunate complications such as pain, frequent fractures, weight gain, depression, and economic burdens. In order to conquer such difficulties, a model can be created to predict impending fragility fractures in a patient with osteoporosis or very low bone density. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one way to predict fractures based on imputed radiographs of certain fractures. Currently, we are in a dilemma, however, as there is not enough data regarding radiographs, and sufficient data is needed in order to create a successful AI model. It is definitely possible for impending fractures to be predicted using a complete AI model but this is merely a goal for the future when more data is easily accessible.

Research by Aadi Varshney, Grade 10, The Charter School of Wilmington

How Does Artificial Intelligence Benefit the Osteoporotic Population in Preventing Fragili
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