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How does Lead Affect the Brain?

Lead poisoning has been a prevalent problem to people's health, especially children. This research paper will provide a brief history of lead poisoning, how it enters the body, how it moves through the body, and how lead affects the brain and wellbeing of humans. Lead can enter the body in two ways: inhalation and ingestion. A person can inhale lead dust at places like a construction site, for example. Also, lead particles can be ingested into the body. For example, when a child chews things, like a pencil, lead can enter the body. When lead enters the body, it becomes incorporated into the bloodstream and moves through the bloodstream to reach vital organs such as the brain and heart. Lead affects the brain by mimicking the role of calcium. This paper will mainly conduct an analysis of the role of calcium in bodily functions and how lead disrupts those functions.

Research Paper by Atiksh Vats. Grade 10, Glen Mills, PA

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How Lead Affects Brain
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