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How hydrogels can be implemented for sports recovery?

Due to their unique properties, hydrogels have typically been used for hygiene products, wound dressings, and drug delivery. However, recently, hydrogels have been noted as one of the best materials for engineering tissue due to their injectability and absorbability. This paper investigates the properties and functions of hydrogel and how its utilization in tissue engineering could be beneficial for the rehabilitation of athletes after a devastating injury. It links the discoveries of hydrogels for tissue engineering with the damaged muscle tissue of injured athletes, suggesting that the injected hydrogel would promote tissue regeneration in the location of the damaged muscle tissue much more efficiently than waiting for slow, natural regeneration and recovery. This will reduce the effects of catastrophic injuries for an athlete, allowing them to recover healthily and get back to their job quickly.

Research Paper by Jimmy Kwon, Grade 9, BASIS Tucson North

How hydrogels can be implemented for improved sports recovery- Jimmy Kwon
Download PDF • 1.39MB

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