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How will AI/machine learning be utilized in the post-Covid era?

This pandemic will go down in history as one of the most significant events of the 21st century if not the most important one. I was intrigued by the usage of artificial intelligence in recent times so I wanted to tie it to my research. AI is branched with data sciences and software engineering which centers around the utilization of information and calculations to impersonate the way that people learn, bit by bit working on its precision. AI is a significant part of the developing field of data science. Using measurable techniques, calculations are prepared to make characterizations or expectations, revealing key bits of knowledge inside information mining projects. These experiences accordingly drive decision-production inside applications and organizations, preferably affecting key development measurements. As this field of study proceeds to extend and develop, the field broadens into many other sectors of careers. There are many everyday uses of AI and some may not even realize that they are using AI so frequently. AI utilizes neural organizations to track down concealed experiences from information, without being modified for what to search for sure to finish up. AI is a typical way for projects to track down examples and increment their insight after some time. Profound learning uses gigantic neural organizations with many layers, exploiting its size to handle immense measures of information with complex examples. Profound learning is a component of AI, just with bigger informational indexes and more layers. Intellectual processing has an objective for a human-like collaboration with machines. Figure robots that can see and hear, and afterward react as a human would. In AI, the computational vision is to develop a valid output on how to comprehend an image or video. This implies that the machine can glance around and take pictures or recordings progressively, and decipher the environmental factors. The general objective of AI is to create programming that can find out with regards to include, and clarify an outcome with its result.

Research Paper by Sai Karthik Koorapati

How will AI_machine learning be utilized in the post-Covid era_
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