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Implementation of Prosthetics in Underdeveloped Countries

The job of prosthetics is to restore an amputee to be at a functional capacity in their own cultural environment while looking as cosmetic as possible. Western prosthetics cannot be used in third-world countries. Availability of materials, resources, accredited personal, and many cultural differences prohibit western prosthetics to be used in underdeveloped countries. Implementing prosthetics in third-world countries requires additional changes to be made. Reducing the cost of prosthetics to make them easier for repair and manufacturing allows underdeveloped countries to create and maintain prosthetics. In addition, cultural and environmental factors need to be taken into consideration to create prosthetics that can be long-term and economically affordable for underdeveloped countries.

Research Paper by Chetan Muvvala Grade 11, West Chester, PA

Research Paper on Prosthetics in Underde
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