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In-depth Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Why are individuals in older age groups at a higher risk for Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer's, a disease that has been prevalent since its discovery, has devastatingly

impacted the lives of many people. This research paper will go into an in-depth analysis,

covering the origination of this disease and its surprising discovery, explaining its effect on human health. The gradual development of this disease, from the preclinical stages to the gradual loss of memory is analyzed. Neurons, an important brain cell significant in many functions throughout the body, significantly tie with the development of this disease. As time has passed, and the technological and medical advancements have improved, scientists, and their ability to learn about this disease, provides us with insight regarding how to properly combat it. With medical advancements, proper precautions can be taken to keep people safe.

Research Paper by Varun Mani. Grade 11, George School, Newtown, PA

An in depth Analysis of Alzheimer’s Dise
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