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Is commercial fishing responsible for global warming?

You probably like the planet and its inhabitants. 50-80% of the oxygen production of Earth comes from the oceans. Although many people have linked global warming with trees and pollution, the biggest impact on the Earth is the ocean’s health. The growing rise of global warming can be caused by the (a) excessive amount of fish being fished, (b) dark side of capitalism, and (c) misinformation. The most dominant explanation for the growing rise of global warming is burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and pollution. Many people believe that the main cause for global warming is the burning of fossil fuels which release CO2 into the air causing the atmosphere to slowly dissolve. I am bringing you the story of how commercial fishing and the oceans are also huge factors in the rise of global warming. I am using resources that show my evidence on how the environment is affected by commercial fishing. To the surprising majority, commercial fishing mainly trawling has the biggest impact on our global environment.

Research Paper by Vishal Vaheesan. Grade 11, Missouri

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Is commercial fishing responsible for gl
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