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Parkinson’s Disease - Biomarkers, Current and GPR37

Parkinson’s disease, first diagnosed in 1817, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease widely known for its crippling motor symptoms, mainly tremors. The symptoms of Parkinson’s have a large range and differ from patient to patient, but nonetheless, they are crippling. Biomarkers have been researched for Parkinson’s for just as long, however, none have been truly reliable with high efficacy. For that reason, the search for biomarkers for Parkinson’s still continues, even today, and with the recent discovery of the GPR37 receiver within the cerebrospinal fluid, there is a possibility for the search to end. The unique properties of the receiver make it especially promising, warranting an increased amount of research with regards to its efficacy and reliability in order.

Research Paper by Sarthak Mohapatra. Grade 11th Grade, Robbinsville, NJ

Parkinson's Disease - Biomarkers, Current and GPR37.docx
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