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Skills used by FBI profilers to catch a criminal

There are many people who don’t know who Criminal Profilers are and how they held the police force to solve cases. Criminal profiling started to become a major focus of the FBI in the 1970s, and it has become a common tool in investigating and solving crimes today. Profilers use the Profiling Process when they are making a criminal’s profile.

Profiling is a job that can change the flow of an investigation. Each profiler has different kinds of skills but there are a few skills that every profiler needs. Perception, Attention to Detail, Analytical skills, Communication Skills, and Physical fitness are just some of the basic skills a profiler needs in order to succeed in their jobs. Perception is a skill that enables a good profiler to see things that most people miss. They have to look at crime scenes from a different point of view and think in the shoes of the criminal. They have to pay close attention to detail as if they miss even one, then something might go wrong. A good profiler needs communication skills so that when they go to investigate a crime they can talk to witnesses and suspects. Physical fitness is also needed in all profilers so that if and when they see a running suspect or criminal they have the ability to catch them.

Research Paper by Vishnupriya Gupta. Grade 10, Westwood High School, Texas

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