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The connection between COVID-19 Variants (Gamma and DeltaVariant) and Demographics Using Python

From schools shifting to virtual learning and offices promoting work from home, COVID-19 transformed the way the world functions. Like any other virus, the coronavirus has many variants. This research paper discusses the connection between two prominent variants: the Gamma variant and the Delta variant and certain demographic features like gender, age, and location. The method used in this research paper includes finding data from credible sites and other evidence and using python to extract the needed data to support theories. The theories stated in this research paper are not completely valid due to the lack of strong evidence. So, instead of concluding with a strong thesis, this research paper aims to motivate other researchers to delve even deeper into this topic. Basically, this study focuses on the importance of future research and acts as a stepping stone for other researchers who are interested in learning more about COVID-19 variants and their connection with different demographic features.

Research Paper by Sneha Nangunoori. Grade 11, Westwood High School, Texas

Connection between COVID-19 Variants (Gamma and Delta Variant) and Demographics Using Pyt
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