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The mRNA Covid Vaccine and its Stability on the Genetic Level

Companies and officials continue to encourage people to take the Covid vaccine, but while people decide whether the vaccine is the best choice, many people are unaware about the vaccine’s function and properties. From the contents of the vaccine to the delivery of the antibodies, information about the vaccine requires lengthy research and understanding. This study aims to explain the procedures involved in making the vaccine effective and successful. Cutting-edge technology has improved the analysis of Sars-CoV-2 and its effects on the human body. In response to the pandemic, this vaccine targets the immune system and produces an immune response that guards the body. The mRNA vaccine is unlike any other, and its unique abilities have provided the solution towards eradicating the virus. Its distinctive messenger RNA code provides the human body with the necessary details to counterattack the coronavirus. This report also examines the after effects of the vaccine, and why the body continues to maintain genetic stability. People should acknowledge and trust the mRNA vaccine as it is the main solution to the pandemic right now. This study intends to increase awareness of the vaccine and deliver confidence in people.

Research Paper by Kushal Bantu. Grade 12, Owen J. Roberts High School, Pennsylvania

The mRNA Covid Vaccine and its Stability on the Genetic Level.docx
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