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The quantitative research employed by COVID-19 researchers and its approval by the FDA

Starting with its original strand (SARS-CoV-2) to its exceeding numerous variant strands such as MERS-CoV and B.1.617.2, the COVID-19 virus brought infinite amounts of barriers for vaccine researchers and developers to counteract. In order to create a stable, yet innocuous vaccine, scientists were forced to plunge into the deep origins which contributed to both the creation and genetic structure of the virus. This research’s purpose serves to illustrate the gratifying steps taken by vaccine researchers and developers to gather information regarding the creation and behavioral influences of SARS-CoV-2 and demonstrate their ability to isolate various strands of the virus to create a well-developed vaccine suitable for human use. In addition, this research will discuss the approach taken by these scientists to convince the FDA to administer the distribution of their created vaccines through their well-developed research and lab results. As a whole, this research looks to educate readers about the rigorous steps taken by scientists to gather and implement data in order to fully create a secure and effective vaccine and thus allow for these said readers to understand the safety threshold maintained by the vaccines and thus encourage them to get vaccinated.

Research Paper by Rishi Dev. Grade 12, Katy ISD, Texas

Quantitative Research for COVID-19 Final Draft
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