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The Value of Sleep in Emotional Brain Activity

This paper centers on the deleterious repercussions of lack of sleep on the brain and how it influences cognitive fluctuations such as the presenting of emotions. Sleep is a valuable and vital component of our everyday lives and even takes up one-third of it. However, when we don't get enough of it, our bodies experience atypical tendencies that can lead to long and short-term health problems. Our brains require adequate rest in order to comprehend the

information we have gathered throughout the day. According to studies, when this time is decreased due primarily to a lack of sleep, brain development, memory, behavior, and other risks emerge. The brain is a complex organ in our body, directing our thoughts, actions, and perceptions. Furthermore, it conducts the processes acquisition, consolidation, and recall, which are responsible for memory function. Through experimentation, it has been found

that a lack of sleep directly regular abnormal behaviors.

Research Paper by Anika Tavargeri 10th Grade, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

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The Value Of Sleep In Emotional Brain Activity
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