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Using Stem Cell Therapy as an Effective Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease

In this research paper, the topic of Using Stem Cells to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease is addressed. By analyzing treatment options and various stem cell research documents, I was able to conclude that mesenchymal stem cells carry renotropic characteristics making them ideal for this topic. Mesenchymal Stem Cells are adult stem cells derived from sources like the umbilical cord, bone marrow, and fat tissue. This helps dissolves the majority of the moral issues surrounding stem cell research. When investigating mesenchymal stem cells, they seem to be even more ideal because they are practically invisible to the immune system, however, this may actually be the downfall. MSCs don’t have a functioning p53 gene, causing a tendency to cancerous growth without detection, hence lack of apoptosis and cell cycle regulation. I have investigated possible solutions using laser technology to build organs and using gene therapy to combat the lack of the p53 gene. While there needs to be much more testing and research, my paper addresses possible options that would provide a more efficient and cost and time-effective treatment option for those that suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease.

Research Paper by Srivalli Kantamneni. Grade 10, Cabarrus County, North Carolina

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Using Stem Cell Therapy as a Effective Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease (1)
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