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What can we do in the future to lower the death rate for pandemics?

One of the main points of the pandemic that concern many is the deaths for a pandemic. Some would say, we could have prevented this pandemic. Either way, we 100% could have approached this pandemic a lot better. I believe we can use past data on pandemics to analyze a trend and make better decisions in the future. According to the New York Times, 567k people have died in total in the US alone from Covid-19. 3.1M deaths have been caused because of Covid-19 worldwide. These are horrible numbers to think about. I believe we could have avoided this had we have worn masks earlier. I believe this could have been avoided or could have been lower. had we have known what to spend and what not to spend. I think this is why many people lost their jobs and were not able to support themselves during the pandemic. This is why I think in the future we should have some sort of system for pandemics.

Research Paper by Aaditya Srivastava. Grade 8, Pinelas County, Florida

Research Paper
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