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What is the right level of screen brightness for technological devices?

Have your eyes ever hurt or felt tired after spending hours upon hours staring at a

computer screen? Does the brightness of your screen ever feel too low or too high? Do you have trouble falling asleep after spending too much time on your phone? Children and adults, whether working or students, often spend the majority of their day using some sort of device with a screen. If so much time is being spent looking at the screen, knowing the impacts of long amounts of time with our eyes on the screen during certain points of the day and the healthy amount of computer brightness is extremely beneficial for our health. Science can actually assist in identifying what the right level of brightness is, in order to protect gadget users from sleep pattern disruption and eye strain. Using the recommended measure of screen exposure and brightness can improve sleep and performance.

Research Paper by Naischa Puri. Grade 10, Edison, NJ

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What is the right level of screen bright
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