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Will AI Be Integrated Into Aviation In The Near Future?

In my paper, I chose to write about the effect of AI on aviation. Using research that was conducted on a larger scale, an answer was found to the question of whether or not AI is really effective in aviation. What I found is that AI is not going to be fully developed enough to be effective in aviation since it holds people's lives on the line. I came to this conclusion through the thorough research that showed me that AI, though very complex, has not developed fully to take into account all the variables that regular pilots have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. The most important outcome from this research is that there are still areas to improve and work on. The research that has been done in this paper can be used by engineers and the common air traveler to see the pros and cons of artificial intelligence in airplanes so that people are informed before they board their planes. Additionally, the research I have conducted shows that very frugal research has been done on this specific aspect of aviation, even though AI is partially incorporated in aviation. This research can be executed better by finding ways to convince people that AI flying their planes around is safer than humans flying them, another way is to develop AI to the point where there is an above 95% success rate of flights that are controlled by AI.

Research Paper by Rohith Velmurugan. Grade 11, Ballwin, Missouri

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Will AI Be Integrated Into Aviation In T
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