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We build a strong foundation for your child’s future success. Be it coaching for college, academics, personality, communication, accountability, and more, Gifted Gabber has everything your child needs to be stellar and one-of-a-kind.   Our mission is to ensure your child operates at their maximum potential, and we do guide them with effective techniques to make that happen. With our world-class coaches, certified by international organizations, and practiced with hundreds of children, we have seen massive results in teens.  Across our webinars, talks, and private coaching, parents pride us in providing high-quality guidance and have seen substantial improvement in their childrens’ lives.

Frequently asked questions

Is this tutoring or Supplemental Instruction?

No. Tutoring Services and Supplemental Instruction are course-based sources of support meaning they focus on individual classes. Academic Coaching is the process of developing general academic skills which can be applied to all courses.

Is this counseling?

No. The focus, style of conversation, and goals of academic coaching is very different than counseling. You are welcome to meet with an academic coach to discuss your concerns related to academics and our staff can refer you to Student Counseling Services if needed.

Does coaching require a long-term commitment?

If a student is voluntarily seeking academic coaching, they are not required to meet a particular number of times. We allow students to create their own plan of action and discuss the number of appointments desired based on goals. Our assessment shows students who meet for three or more appointments typically experience the best results in grade improvement.

What benefit can Gifted Gabber's Coaching provide?

Many students experience an increase in their academic success as a result of working individually with a coach. More information about the program's assessment can be found here.

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