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Comprehensive College Pathway for Grades 9 and 10

Session 1: Discovery

Action Plan: Assessment tests, motivational interviewing to gather strengths and weaknesses of student

Outcome: Discover individual learning type, create a plan for Executive Functioning Strengths and Weaknesses.


Session 2: Study Skills for scoring exceptionally in Exams and Tests

Action Plan: Different methods of studying and retaining concepts in subjects

Outcome: Be able to create a study plan and implement it for better grades in exams and tests.


Session 3: College Admissions Process

Action Plan: Understand in depth about College Admissions Process

Outcome: Learn the Top 12 priorities, apply knowledge of in-depth knowledge about the college admissions process in a plan.


Session 4: Course Selection

Action Plan: Students are provided guidance to review graduation requirements, map out academics.

Outcome: Map out academics for all 4 years


Session 5: How to become a competitive candidate (Part 2)

Action Plan: Understand the different standardized tests and their structure. Look at the differences and similarities between SAT and ACT exams.

Outcome: Create a SMART Goal to ace tests


Session 6: Resume + Cover Letter

Action Plan: High school students need a resume to apply to college, scholarships, employment, and internships. 

Outcome: Well-written high school resume represents the student’s character, skills, and accomplishments.


Session 7: How to create “WOW FACTOR” in Extracurricular Activities

Action Plan: Students are provided guidance to pick extracurricular activities that align with their passion and interests

Outcome: Map out ECs for all years.


Session 8: Volunteering and Community Service

Action Plan: Community service is key to a well-rounded college application. 

Outcome: Choose volunteering opportunities that align with the student’s interest and cause.


Session 9: Honors and Awards

Action Plan: Look into the various options available for Honors and Awards. Learn how to build Leadership for maximum impact.

Outcome: Students plan awards and outcomes for all 4 years


Session 10: Final Project - Role Play as Admissions Officer

Action Plan: Understand indepth as to how Admissions Officers review college applcaitions and review real applications.

Outcome: Create a College Profile no college can refuse!


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