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1-1 BS/MD Counseling for Grades 8

Session 1 - Discovery of Middle Schooler - Identification of Strengths/Weakness of student, performing Diagnostic assessment(MMTIC), and Goal setting.

Session 2 - Identifying career/major Interest - A general overview of what courses the students can take and the career path for that to help identify what course can interest them

Session 3- Overview of the College admission process (Medical & Non-Medical)

Session 4 - Overview of extracurriculars, Test strategies, Course selection, Summer programs ( what to do in the summer of 8th grade), Honors & Awards, Volunteering

Session 5 - Build a High School  Timeline plan for:

9th grade

10th grade

11th grade

12 th grade

Grade 8 Counseling

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$750.00Sale Price
  • 1-1 Sessions with Counseling Expert (5 Sessions) for Grade 8 student.

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