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Unleash Your Potential: The Passion Project Experience for High School Students


Session 1: Introduction & Values Exercise

Action Plan: Introduce elements of a passion project, and conduct assessments for core values, goals, and career aspirations.

Outcome: Enhanced self-understanding.

Homework: Exercises focusing on values, wishlist, wayfinding, and superpowers.


Session 2: Initiation

Action Plan: Set goals and identify potential passion project ideas.

Outcome: Theme identification for the passion project.

Homework: Mapping out extracurricular activities for the year.


Session 3: Scope of Activity & Planning

Action Plan: Define the activity's scope.

Outcome: Vision clarity for the project.

Homework: Vision statement creation and scoping exercise, including an Elon Musk-inspired exercise.


Session 4: Monitoring & Control

Action Plan: Develop a project plan.

Outcome: Improved time management.

Homework: Use of a planner.


Session 5: Execution & Closure

Action Plan: Finalize the product.

Outcome: Completion of the passion project.

Homework: Final presentation preparation.


Session 6: Presentation

Action Plan: Develop and present a final lesson plan.

Outcome: Final presentation template development.


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