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Alternatives of Pupillary Dilation for a Stereoscopic Examination of a Patient's Ocular Health

Eye drops for dilation can be extremely frustrating. In order to perform a proper and thorough eye examination, especially to see the entire eye, optometrists use pupillary dilation eye drops, one in each eye. However, with the performing of this dilation comes many side effects, both systematic and unsystematic. You cannot drive yourself home, your vision can be blurry, your eye could swell up, you could have a severe allergic reaction, amongst many other possibilities. Of course, this begs the question, is there an alternative, and if so, why isn't it commonly used. Not all patients receive side effects, but for those who do, it can be inconvenient and painful, not to mention dangerous. The side effects of pupillary dilation make it difficult to convince patients to agree to said dilation, and after, make it difficult for the patient to function properly with said lasting side effects.

Research Paper by Tarun Kakarla. Grade 10, Farmington, CT

Alternatives of Pupillary Dilation for a
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