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An Exploration Into Electric Airplanes

In this paper, the problem of carbon dioxide emissions from airplanes and other aviation is looked at through research done previously by other professionals in the field. Through using this research, an answer is posed to the question of whether or not electric airplanes are in near sight. The results show that electric airplanes will not be a possibility for at least fifty years because of aspects such as the weight of the battery itself and that the designing process would have to be redeveloped. The methodology used includes finding the facts and previous research and/or projects done for the specific idea of electric airplanes and using that data to come up with a clear and concise answer that anyone can understand and fully adapt to, rather than be in a confused state of mind. The most important outcome from this research is that there are still areas to improve and work on. The research that has been done in this paper can be used by engineers to focus on what is really important when constructing and designing an electric airplane, so that they know exactly what is wrong, rather than just a scattered list of problems. Additionally, the research done in this paper goes to show that little research has been done on this specific aspect, and that research is actually going on currently, so all research that is coming out is recent as this is an aspect of the field that is very hot with aerospace engineers. To add on, this research can be carried out even further by finding ways to insulate the electrical components more efficiently and overall create prospective designs for the future of aviation.

Research Paper by Harshavi Birla. Grade 9, Pennsbury High School, PA

An Exploration Into Electric Airplanes
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