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Can online learning for students lead to addiction to devices?

Did you know that online learning can lead to addiction to devices? For decades, learning has been done in an in-person environment at a formal school. However, with the global pandemic originating in 2019, and social distancing being the mantra, for many school students learning took a turn in a new direction. Many universities and schools made the decision to move to teach online rather than in-person keeping safety precautions in mind. Although it sounds like a great alternative, online learning can have downsides; remote learners get exposed to electronic devices for longer periods of time leading to multitasking, distractions. With limited social interaction and physical playtime, learners may experience isolation and anxiety leading to familiar screen time for comfort. Over a period of time, online learning with no real interaction and distractions may lead to addiction to electronic devices in students. This addiction to devices can lead to social, physical, and emotional problems in many students.

Research Paper by Sidarth Shenoy. Grade 9, Coppell ISD, Texas

Can online learning for students lead to
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