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Does listening to music improve exercise performance?

This research paper examined how humans are benefited physically and psychologically when they listen to music while exercising. Many people do not like exercising, and researchers are actively looking for new ways to inspire more people to exercise because it benefits them in so many ways. With the rising obesity rates and everybody being at home due to Covid-19, it’s more important than ever for people to make exercise a part of their everyday routine. In this paper, I examined how music has been shown in studies to inspire people to exercise and to increase the physical and mental quality of their workouts. In addition, I found that fast music, in particular, is the best form of music to listen to while exercising. To summarize, in this paper, I showed that despite some research proving the opposite, it’s widely agreed on the fact that listening to music improves exercise performance.

Research Paper by Sanika Datar. Grade 8, Lake Washington School District, WA

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Does listening to music improve exercise
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